John C. Maxwell

Best-selling author, speaker, and leadership coach
“Ronnie Floyd has always been for leaders. I have watched him develop thousands of leaders from all areas of life for the past three decades. This is why I am excited to recommend to you and everyone you know Day by Day and Night by Night: 365 Morning & Evening Devotions for Leaders.”

Jon Gordon

Author of fifteen bestsellers, including The One Truth and The Garden
“I love this devotional! I’ve always said that how you start the day and how you finish the day are keys to having a great day, and Ronnie’s book helps you begin and end the day the right way.”

Greg Laurie

Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship
“Day by Day and Night by Night offers leaders an introspective approach to continually meditate on God’s presence and trust in him. Use this devotional to draw closer to the Lord, experience his goodness, and grow in the faith every single day."

Dr. Nick Floyd

Senior pastor of Cross Church and chancellor of Cross Theological Seminary
“For my entire life, from childhood to adulthood, I have seen (my father) practice this discipline of walking in the presence of God. I'm thrilled the wold will now glimpse his personal journey with God."

Gus & Kristi Malzahn

Head football coach of the University of Central Florida and his wife
“Being a leader is lonely and, at times, very difficult. As a married couple and as leaders, we need God to guide us in our decision-making. As you live and lead daily, we hope you will find guidance through this powerful and practical daily devotional Day by Day and Night by Night.

Mike Huckabee

Forty-fourth governor of Arkansas (1996-2007), host of the talk show Huckabee, and political commentator for Fox News Channel
“Ronnie Floyd is one of the most authentic and prayer-centered spiritual leaders I’ve ever personally known. Dr. Floyd’s walk through dark places didn’t cause him to grow weak in his faith but led him to a new strength of soul that he beautifully shares in his best book ever, Day by Day and Night by Night: 365 Morning & Evening Devotions for Leaders.”

Donnie King

President and CEO of Tyson Foods
“With the heart of a pastor and teacher, Dr. Ronnie Floyd brings God’s Word to life… I have heard many messages with the simple truths found in this book and can say that no man has had a greater impact on my life than Dr. Ronnie Floyd. There is a word for you today in this book no matter what you are experiencing in life.”

Michele Bachmann

Former member of Congress and dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University
“Practicing Christian leadership is always a struggle in a world set against us, and those of us in leadership need practical and spiritual wisdom from men like Ronnie who have been at the forefront of our faith for decades.”

Chris Hodges

Senior Pastor at Church of the Highlands and author of Out of the Cave and Pray First
“Day by Day and Night by Night inspires leaders each morning with a daily declaration and seals their efforts each evening with prayer and reflection. Each day’s devotion is based on timeless truth and insightful examples from God’s Word. This book is so much more than a devotional; it’s daily nourishment for your soul.”

Donnie Smith

Chairman and CEO of Foster Farms
“In his new book, Ronnie shares with leaders practical ways to begin and end each day with Jesus. He shows us how God’s Word can guide and encourage us and provide us the strength, wisdom, and courage we need to faithfully serve those God has called us to lead.”

Dr. Jay Strack

President and Founder of Student Leadership University
“Day by Day and Night by Night is a perfect title for a tremendous devotional… The practical advice in each entry is derived from Ronnie’s deep spiritual life and God’s Word. He has lived what he is sharing. Ronnie reminds us there is glory and grief in life, but we are assured that Jesus is with us always.”

Johnelle Hunt

Cofounder, J.B. Hunt Transport Services
“Whatever your age or vocation, this devotional will inspire you to be all God has made you to be in your life. Please secure a copy today and share it with everyone you know.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress

Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, and Bible teacher for Pathway to Victory
“Every Christian leader, regardless of where God has placed them right now, can benefit from this devotional.”

Dr. David Ferguson

Executive Director of Relational Values Alliance and Founder of the Great Commandment Network
“Dr. Floyd’s personal and insightful devotions help prepare leaders for the one thing most needed today –– to follow God day by day and night by night.”

Ryan Helfenbein

Vice President of Communications and Public Engagement at Liberty University and Executive Director of the Standing for Freedom Center
“For the Christian leader of any vocation, life is full of triumphs and tragedies, but in every season, we must stand firm and contend because of our joy in Jesus Christ. These devotions will help equip you in your work, strengthen you in your walk, and inspire you in your worship in the presence of the Lord.”

Troy A. Miller

President and CEO of National Religious Broadcasters
“In Day by Day and Night by Night, Ronnie Floyd provides a sanctuary of spiritual refreshment, offering daily reflections infused with biblical truth and personal insight.”

Josh Floyd

Head Football Coach of Hewitt-Trussville High School in Trussville, Alabama
“Dr. Floyd’s personal and insightful devotions help prepare leaders for the one thing most needed today –– to follow God day by day and night by night.”

Rev. Johnnie Moore

President of the Congress of Christian Leaders and Author of The New Book of Christians Martyrs
“As he’s done for decades, Dr. Floyd once again has given us all we need to nurture a deepening relationship with God. This book will be medicine for your soul.”

David Roth

Founder of Workmatters
“I believe workplace leaders desperately need a daily resource to center their hearts and minds on God. Dr. Floyd’s daily devotional for leaders accomplishes that in a simple, useable, relevant way.”

Shannon O. Royce, JD

President of Christian Employers Alliance (CEA)
“Ronnie Floyd’s Day by Day and Night by Night leads us to the Bible and the truths expressed there. His knowledge as a student of the Word, his experience as a pastor and denominational leader, and his humility as a servant of the living God come through on every page.”