Faith in the Workplace

One of the greatest opportunities afforded to followers of Jesus Christ in America is the ability to live out our faith in the workplace. At least 140 million Americans regularly enter the workplace.

What it Means to Live Out Your Faith in the Workplace
Living out your faith in the workplace involves integrating your faith in Christ into every decision of your life, including the workplace. Taking your faith into the workplace also means you seek to please God in your decision making rather than other people.

One cannot conduct oneself in a manner that is inconsistent with their faith, nor can they can they make decisions that are opposite of the convictions of their faith in Christ.

Integrating faith into the workplace is the greatest need in the life of every American worker.

How to Integrate Your Faith into the Workplace
I want to share four ways you can integrate your faith into the workplace.

1. Know what you believe
It is so important to know what you believe in order to integrate your faith into each segment of your life. Knowing what you believe entails many things, but it includes reading the Bible daily and being involved weekly in a local church. It also means you are teachable and ready to learn about your faith.

You cannot and will not advance your faith into the workplace if you do not know what you believe.

2. Preserve your personal testimony
Forwarding your faith in Christ effectively will not occur if you have led others to question your beliefs or something you have done has caused you to lose your personal testimony. Infidelity to your spouse, insensitivity to others, unethical practices in your decision making, slothfulness in your work, and operating your life inconsistently can all lead to the loss of your personal testimony.

Always operate your life above reproach, make ethical decisions in your practices, work diligently, and live your personal life consistently.

3. Operate within your work parameters
Living out your faith in the workplace is not pounding it loudly and proudly through every text, email, or conversation in the workplace. If you do, this is probably outside of the parameters of your workplace.

Living out your faith with your attitude, practices, and conversations with courage is a great privilege extended to us in America—the privilege of religious liberty. Not one of us should ever be forced into doing something that violates what we believe because of our faith in Christ.

Thankfully, it is rare in our nation that the overreach of the workplace or the government itself brings a restraint upon our faith in the workplace. If it ever does, then stand with conviction and courage, but also with compassion.

4. Incorporate your faith everywhere
Incorporating your faith in every segment of your life leads to becoming whole. This negates any compartmentalization of your faith, but integrates it into each area of your life. This includes your workplace.

Integrate your faith into your workplace today.
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